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North Tongu: MP abolishes fees borne by assault victims

North Tongu: MP abolishes fees borne by assault victims

Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa has been one of the MPs whose constituency has seen more actions than talks over the years.

Some of the major areas the North Tongu Mp is developing his constituency is impacting the youths, education, health and infrastructure.

He said in a recent post, “Our North Tongu MP’s policy of abolishing all fees borne by victims of sexual offences has been implemented successfully according to a first-quarter assessment report.”

Okudzeto also stated, “No victim of rape, defilement, domestic abuse, etc. has been charged any police medical forms costs or any other unjustifiable levy at any of our medical facilities since May of this year.”

Hospitals all across Ghana, demand fees to be paid in full before an assault victim can be examined. This has deprived citizens who can not afford to pay the huge charges from reporting all sorts of assaults hence cases of that nature get written off.

According to the policy, the North Tongu MP’s office would regularly reimburse healthcare institutions.

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The MP also recently shipped down a 40-foot container of medical equipment for the constituency’s newly constructed Surgical Theatre block.

He further thanked everyone that made this happen. “For this accomplishment, I am incredibly appreciative of all of my wonderful collaborators, especially the District Health Directorate, hospital heads, and the District Police Commander.”




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