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No sex for grades – Koforidua Technical University to students

No sex for grades – Koforidua Technical University to students
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Professor David Kofi Essumang, Vice Chancellor of Koforidua Technical University, has warned students, particularly female students, to avoid giving lecturers sex in order to get good grades.

According to, he gave the advice while speaking with parents and students at the university’s 28th matriculation.

He vowed that the university’s administration is determined to help victims of sexual abuse or harassment get justice, and that students should not be afraid to seek help in such cases.

“Everybody here has his own rights and never give in to pressure for either marks or money. It is not permitted. If you encounter such issues, please come to my office and report them to me. “We have to weed out all the bad nuts among us,” says professor Essumang, according to the news website.

He went on to lament the university’s housing challenges and urged the government and the ministry of education to assist in completing some of the stalled projects to address the issue.

Students exchanging sex for grades is a common occurrence in universities throughout Ghana and Africa.

The BBC conducted an undercover investigation in various universities in Ghana, Nigeria, and other African countries in 2021, and some male lecturers were caught engaging in scandalous sexual activities with female students.


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