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Nigeria’s “human calculator”

Nigeria’s “human calculator”

Meet Tella Michael Jolade. He is a member of an elite group of people known as “human calculators”– those who are capable of incredible mathematical feats.

For many people, mathematics may be dull and even tough, but for this numerologist, the study of numbers can be enjoyable and simple.

This is the story of Tela Michael Jolade, a human calculator from Nigeria! He can divide, add, subtract, multiply, square, and cube root any number, big or tiny.

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Tela Michale Jolade began his human calculator adventure when he was 12 years old, and since then, numbers have evolved into his own unique language.

He also had aspirations of becoming a programmer, a desire that has already come true thanks to an ICT College in Oyo State, Nigeria, which discovered him and offered him a full scholarship to pursue software engineering studies for as long as he chooses.


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