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How Nigerian varieties can adapt to the 21st century and compete globally

How Nigerian varieties can adapt to the 21st century and compete globally

Nigerian varieties can adapt to the 21st century and compete globally, this is why Tertiary institutions have been instructed by the National Universities Commission (NUC) to review their curriculums in order to incorporate hard, soft, and digital skill sets.

The commission stated that this would equip students and enable them to function effectively as 21st-century global citizens.

Prof. Abubakar Rasheed, the commission’s Executive Secretary, made the announcement at the 53rd convocation ceremony of the University of Lagos (UNILAG), where Prof. Folasade Ogunsola was sworn in as the 13th Vice Chancellor. He also emphasized the school’s need to collaborate with government agencies and businesses on current trends.

Dr. Chris Malachi, Rasheed’s deputy, said the university needed to focus on how students could learn and acquire relevant skills that would help them succeed in today’s highly competitive and dynamic world.

Additionally, he expressed concern regarding the development of university performance evaluation procedures over time, stating that promotions and assessments are gradually losing their order.

The head of the NUC mentioned that the intellectual space has shrunk to the point where the long-standing academic tradition is being challenged.

The fact that some professors have questionable credentials is no longer news. It is imperative that you ensure that the system of rewards is not solely based on feelings or favouritism but rather on hard work and academic credibility.

“Internationalization in all of its ramifications is another obstacle for any university aspiring to be one of the world’s best institutions. You must master and creatively implement all internationalization strategies for higher education in order to increase your institution’s global visibility and ranking, facilitate vibrant international collaborations, and bring in more international students and staff.

According to Rasheed, “Perhaps, the first step that should be taken in this regard would be to re-engineer the well-known University of Lagos Policy on Internationalization.”

The head of the NUC assured Ogunsola that the commission was ready to help female academics reach the highest academic, administrative, and technical cadres in the university system and to encourage and promote enrollment of more female students across all disciplines while also reminding Ogunsola of the upcoming tasks.

Rasheed continued, “We must acknowledge that there are many qualified and competent female professors and academics in our universities.” He said that many of these women are “making bold marks in various fields of academic and administrative endeavors.”

The vice chancellor stated in her address that the administration’s objective is to improve the quality of students and increase their intellectual competence for the benefit of national development and future shaping.

Ogunsola stated that stakeholders must begin to think differently and act on their promises if Nigeria’s university system is to be restored to its rightful position as a beacon of development aspirations.

Stakeholders are encouraged to accompany us on this journey. With our own distinctive flavor, let us become the knowledge and innovation hub of Africa and the world, “Ogunsola said.

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo, the new vice chancellor’s family, friends, and associates, including Chief Ajibola Ogunsola, scion of the Ogunsola family and former Chairman of Punch, were all present at the event.


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