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Nigerian to serve a 5 year prison term for forced prostitution and human trafficking

Nigerian to serve a 5 year prison term for forced prostitution and human trafficking
After pleading guilty to forced prostitution and human trafficking on Tuesday, December 13, 2022, a Circuit Court Judge sentenced the Nigerian woman, a resident of Tamale, to five years in prison.

After hearing the punishment read aloud by Presiding Judge his Lordship Alexander Oworae, 41-year-old Blessing Favour fell to the ground in the dock. She had previously asked for mercy, telling the court that she was a single mother and that she was very sorry for what she had done.

However, the judge disregarded her request, stating that the punishment should operate as a deterrence to others who are doing the same crimes or intend to do so.

On Monday, December 5, 2022, Blessing Favour entered a guilty plea to the accusations of forced prostitution and human trafficking.

The prosecution claims that the now-convicted individual traffics young women from Nigeria under the guise of providing them with employment in Ghana. Her victims, on the other side, are delivered to brothels in the mining town of “Dollar Power” in the Savannah Region and Tamale, Northern Region.

When Blessing Favour hunted one of her victims on Sunday, December 4, 2022, who disobeyed her orders to go out and prospect for males, luck escaped her. When the victim ran into a policeman, he or she immediately called for backup. After that, she was detained, and on Monday, she appeared before a Tamale Circuit court. When her former boss was sentenced on Tuesday, the victim was present in court.

She replied, “I am fine,” when GBC News questioned her impressions, appearing to be deep in concentration.

Although she is being well-cared for by the Police, she would later admit to this reporter that she is concerned about how to raise money to travel back to Nigeria.

Numerous district capitals in Northern Ghana, including Tamale, Walewale, Damongo, Bole, Bolgatanga, and Wa, are populated by hundreds of young Nigerian women.

Although many of them are allegedly trafficking victims, they are immediately pledged to secrecy. A ritual in which she and other girls were forced to pledge not to talk about their trauma involved the use of the victim’s public hair, blood, and nails, according to the victim’s account in this case.

She said, “She threatened us that if we tell anyone, we will die or go crazy.

The inmate was once a victim of trafficking, but she was able to get away from her Madam, according to GBC News.

A young woman who works in commercial sex told GBC News a few months ago that she needed to raise 8,000 cedis in three months to wean herself from her “Madam.”



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