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NDC alleges EC and NPP are colluding to rig 2024 elections

NDC alleges EC and NPP are colluding to rig 2024 elections

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) has reiterated its opposition to the Electoral Commission’s (EC) insistence on using the National Identification Card as the sole document for voter registration and ID card acquisition.

The party claims that the abolition of passports and the guarantor system is unconstitutional.

At a press conference on Tuesday, September 20, 2022, National Chairman of the NDC, Samuel Ofosu Ampofo, stated that if the EC’s plan is implemented, many Ghanaians will lose the right to vote.

“What this means is that if the C.I. is passed in its current form, it will not only be unconstitutional, but it will radically disenfranchise all prospective voters who are unable to obtain the national ID card issued by the NIA through no fault of their own.” They would have been denied the right guaranteed by Article 42 of the 1992 Constitution.”

The party stated that the proposal for a new Constitutional Instrument (CI) that would make the Ghana card the only proof of identity for the registration of a voter’s ID card would be detrimental to Ghana’s electoral system.

“As a result, we found it strange that the Electoral Commission would call a press conference and urge the NIA to expedite registration action.” It is obviously not in the EC’s power to do so. Making the Ghana Card the sole requirement for voter registration, therefore, will deprive millions of Ghanaians of their right to register and vote.”

According to the NDC, the move will disenfranchise many Ghanaians because many do not have the card.

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Mr. Ofosu Ampofo said, the yet-to-be-implemented regulation violates the country’s constitution.

“We would like to remind the Electoral Commission that its actions and inactions have far-reaching consequences for the country’s peace and security.” The Electoral Commission’s behavior strengthens the NDC’s suspicions of collusion between the Commission and the New Patriotic Party to rig the 2024 elections.”

Mr. Ofosu Ampofo went on to say that the NDC would use all available means to oppose any attempt by the EC and the NPP government to rig the 2024 elections.

“As a legitimate party with a stake in the elections, and given the high stakes of the 2024 elections, we are simply unwilling to allow any manipulations before, during, or after those elections, and we will demand the strictest standards in the processes leading up to those elections.”

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