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NABCO trainees support the removal of Ofori-Atta

The Coalition of Nation Builders Corps (NABCO) Trainees has joined MPs and a section of Ghanaians in calling for the resignation of Finance Minister Ken Ofori-Atta.

In a statement, the Coalition claimed that the finance minister was insensitive to the plight of NABCO trainees.

“The Finance Minister, who is always seen quoting biblical verses to justify godliness in public speeches, perversely released GH25 million for the construction of a mere temple” (National Cathedral). As part of his partial commitment to God’s service, when NABCO Trainees were owed 10 months in arrears and were starving to death.

This Finance Minister’s attitude is not only a disservice to humanity, but it is also a clear unperverted disservice to God, a direct person, and a distortion of true religious principles.

“In his 2022 mid-year budget presentation, Finance Minister Honourable Ken Ofori-Atta ordered the closure of the NABCO program without specifying reasonable timelines for the payment of all arrears as a means of mitigating inter allia, his abysmal performance in managing the economy,” the Coalition said in a statement.

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Among other things, the coalition asked the President to pay their arrears so that they could celebrate Christmas and plan their lives.

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