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My mother-in-law said to me: You smell awful

My mother-in-law said to me: You smell awful

Make it make sense!


Mother-in-law says I stink.
She told me this, a day before my wedding to her son.

I’ve not been the same ever since.
My husband has noticed the change in me and I haven’t been able to bring myself to tell him what happened. – It’s been 3 months since we walked down the aisle and I’ve changed my perfume five times already.

The worse part is – she didn’t stop there. When we got back from our honeymoon, she was waiting for us at home.

I reached out for a hug but she pulled away.
“Do you still smell?” – That was what she said after pulling away.

Then my husband walked in at the moment.

She left the next morning not after she told me – you still stink. Get yourself checked out.

No one has ever told me I smell – but somehow my mother-in-law has a nose for everything.

I tend to hide from my husband ever since she left that morning.

Just last night, I asked him – if he thinks I should change my perfume.

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He coiled up and stared for a minute.

Is it because you smell? – He said quietly.

For a moment, I thought I heard wrong.

“You think I stink?”
He nodded. My world shook at that moment.

I found out later he’s always known and it wasn’t a big deal for him. In fact, he said, it wasn’t until a year ago that he started perceiving it.

We dated for 3 years. So apparently, I started smelling just a year ago.

My trust in him is broken.
I have friends, family and parents – Why hasn’t anyone ever told me I smell?

I wished he had told me earlier – I’m seeing a skin specialist now.

Is it right that I now despise him? – I still love him and we are still together but i can’t just look at him the same.


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