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My Hubby Does Not Want A Vasectomy.

My Hubby Does Not Want A Vasectomy.


 Make it make sense!


My hubby does not want a vasectomy.

We committed to three children and a vasectomy before getting married.
Vasectomy because he has a better chance of getting it reversed.

But ten years later, he wants a fourth child and refuses to have a vasectomy.

We’re fairly content, and a fourth child isn’t an issue here, but his insistence that I get a TBL if I don’t want further children is.


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I gave him two options: a fourth kid and a vasectomy, or no more babies and he gets to maintain his dignity.

Yes! Dignity because, he asserted, a vasectomy would strip away his dignity.

I just don’t understand why most partners change their minds after marriage.

What should I do?





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