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My Fiancée eats too much

My Fiancée eats too much


Make it make sense!


My girlfriend overeats!

Our wedding has been postponed because I dislike her eating habits.

Nasty- as in she eats way too much food.

We went out to eat as a family once, and my siblings were laughing at me because she ate everything that night.

I was embarrassed, so I whisked her away from that dinner.

I love her! – That hasn’t changed, but how do I deal with her terrible eating habits?

The wedding is on hold because I can’t see myself going to parties and meetings with her. She’d undoubtedly embarrass me.

The thing is, if she ate with a “class,” I’d find it appealing, but the noise that comes with it is extremely irritating to the ear.

Do I always leave her at home when I make the decision to marry?

We talked about it after I proposed, but on the condition that she change her eating habits, but it’s been 5 months and my lady still eats.

I try to focus on the positives she brings: she’s extremely neat everywhere else and prioritizes “us.” – But I can’t seem to persuade her to change just this one thing.

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I understand that we can’t all be perfect, but she gives me a headache when we’re about to go out.

When she comes to visit, I buy twice as much food as I normally would. – That’s not a bother.

But I’m someone who would like to take my woman on dates and I have a large family.

The strange thing is that she weighs less than she eats.

How should I proceed? I’m still interested in marrying her. – I’m in love with her.


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