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Military Clash with residents of Krobo

Military Clash with residents of Krobo

After escorting the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) to install prepaid meters, the military battled with the inhabitants of Nuaso Old Town in the Lower Manya Krobo municipality in the Eastern Region.

On Monday, August 22, 2022, at least six people are said to have been shot by military forces helping ECG workers.

According to reports, the troops allegedly fired at a throng that had gathered behind the team carrying out the disconnection, resulting in the injuries.

But it’s unclear what sparked the latest altercation.  Some Nuaso Old Town residents said that ECG troops flogged them.

Resident’s point of view

“I was cooking when they came around, they ordered me to go inside, I refused, and then they began hitting me,” claimed a resident named Theresa Laweh.

Christian Tetteh, a farmer, also stated “We’re at a loss for words to describe what’s going on. I just got back from the bush. They thrashed us viciously and stole my cutlass. This is horrible, I’ve complained to the police and filled out medical documents.”

Troops at work

Leadership point of view

Meanwhile, Assemblyman Samuel Torgbor of the Nuaso Old Town Electoral Area criticized the attack and said he was unaware of the drill before the squad arrived.

“We had no idea the ECG and military would be visiting our town today.” Nobody has approached us. “They can’t simply come and do things because they have power and military,” he raged.

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Sakyiwaa Mensah, the Public Relations Officer for the ECG’s Tema district, has responded to the event.

In a statement, she revealed that the ECG and military team encountered so much resistance in the Old Nuaso neighbourhood that they had to retreat.

“There was hostility in Nuaso Old Town. “One lady threatened to dump boiling oil on ECG staff and military troops,” she said.

“A throng began to gather around one ECG Team,” she said. The Military was able to obtain a cutlass from some residents.

She also added, “there have been complaints of continual verbal abuse and assaults on the installation crews at Nuaso Old Town to the extent the Team had to depart Nuaso Old Town.”


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