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Metro Mass Security coordinator gets ten years jail time

Metro Mass Security coordinator gets ten years jail time
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Lawal Fuseini, a security coordinator at Metro Mass Transit Company Limited, was sentenced to ten years in prison for blackmailing the company’s former Managing Director, Bennet Aboagye.

Mr. Fuseini was found guilty of charges including unlawful entry and extortion by the Circuit Court in Accra.

In April 2018, some MMT employees petitioned the Special Prosecutor to investigate Mr. Aboagye for what they described as filthy business dealings at the company.

According to the petition, signed by the company’s now-convicted security coordinator, Lawal Fuseini, the MD planned to secretly purchase 300 new buses and electrical products, while selling off the existing buses.

However, the allegations were dismissed by MMT’s then-Managing Director, Bennet Aboagye.

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 He insisted that Mr Lawal was attempting to extort GHc1 million from him.

He later paid 40,000 cedis and reported the incident to the police.

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