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Maryland: 23-year-old Ghanaian fatally shot by police after he stabbed his parents

Sheriff Chuck Jenkins said a guy attacked his parents early Tuesday morning, murdering his father and wounding his mother before being shot and killed by police east of Frederick.

According to the Maryland Attorney General’s Office’s Independent Investigations Division, the deadly shot occurred after police attempted to get the guy to drop a knife.

After being blasted with a beanbag shotgun shell by a cop, the guy “rapidly advanced forward” officers who attempted to shock him with a Taser. According to a news statement from the Independent Investigations Unit, three deputies fired their weapons at the individual, hitting him.

The victims’ daughter contacted police at 2:10 a.m., reporting that her brother was assaulting them.

As of Tuesday night, neither the perpetrator nor the victims had been officially identified.

Jenkins said during a joint press conference with the Independent Investigations Division that the victims’ daughter contacted police around 2:10 a.m., reporting her brother was assaulting their parents.

A news release from the sheriff’s office stated deputies arrived at 5804 Haller Place, in a neighborhood south of Old National Pike, near Grace Trinity United Church of Christ and Mount Carmel United Methodist Church, for a complaint of a stabbing at about 2:12 a.m.

When deputies and Frederick County Emergency Medical Services arrived, they discovered a lady inside the residence with obvious stab wounds and a guy outside the home with knife wounds as well, Jenkins said. He stated that emergency workers had begun life-saving procedures.

Jenkins stated that deputies began looking for the attacker. Deputies thought he was still in the vicinity, maybe walking.

He also stated that three further responding deputies spotted the sibling and fatally shot him.

According to Thomas Lester, a spokesman for the Independent Investigations Division, many bullets were fired.

Lester stated that cops found a knife at the site.

Sheenam Sharma, 33, who lives near the intersection of Haller Place and Winding Ridge Way, said she awoke at 2:15 a.m. to noise and bustle.

She claimed she recognized the father lying on the pavement a couple of homes down when she glanced out her window.

“I had no idea what had transpired,” she explained.

She then heard gunshots and also observed the daughter, who was not wearing a jacket and was carrying a baby, jogging around the neighbourhood.

She claims she frequently sees her neighbors outside throughout the summer, doing things like mowing their grass and didn’t know their names but waves to them whenever she saw them.

Another neighbour, who wanted not to be identified and lives on Winding Ridge Way, said his wife awoke around 2 a.m. due to a disturbance outside. He stated she peered out the window and saw the father and boy strolling down the street past their house.

The man’s wife informed him that the father looked to be harmed while strolling with their son. The youngster then stabbed his father, causing him to fall, she informed her spouse.

While his father was on the ground, his wife heard him yell for aid. She awoke her husband, who dialled 911. He said that police were already aware of the situation at the time.

He claimed to have seen the ambulance transporting the father to the hospital. He and his wife, like Sharma, did not know his Haller Place neighbours.

According to a news statement from the Independent Investigation Division, the suspect was discovered by Frederick County sheriff’s deputies, Frederick police, and Maryland State Police on the 5800 block of Zoe Lane, a few blocks away.

The news statement stated officers ordered the guy to “drop the knife.” Officers then deployed the beanbag shotgun round and Tasers on him before three deputies opened fire, according to the press release.

At the scene, the suspect was pronounced deceased.

According to state legislation, the Independent Investigation Divisions will look into the involvement of the deputies engaged in the event and what led to the shooting, according to Lester.

He stated that this is done after any police-involved fatality.

The identities of the deputies involved in the shooting will be published within 48 hours, according to Lester.

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The deputies who shot their weapons were not wearing body cameras, according to a news statement from the Independent Investigations Division. Other police on the scene, however, were wearing body cameras that caught sections of the encounter.

According to the press release, the footage is normally disclosed within 14 days unless detectives require more time to question witnesses, it takes more time to shield witnesses who are shown, or family members need time to see the video.

There were blood splatters on the driveway and sidewalk at 5804 Haller Place on Tuesday afternoon. There were additional bloody footprints heading away from the front entrance, as well as a red stain on the front door frame near the doorbell.

This material was contributed to by staff photographer Bill Green and editor Andrew Schotz.

In other related news, the perpetrator has been identified as Aaron Mensah, 23, and deputies as Deputy First Class Cassy Boettcher, Deputy Travis Stely, and Deputy Nathan McLeroy.

Boettcher has been with the sheriff’s office for two and a half years, according to the announcement. McLeroy has only been with the department since July, although he has three years of expertise in law enforcement. Stely joined the sheriff’s office in September and has six years of law enforcement experience.

The sheriff’s office’s spokesperson, Todd Wivell, said in an email Thursday that all three deputies are on paid administrative leave.

Aaron Mensah


Source: Washington Post

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