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Man arrested for stealing his girlfriend’s Bible and pillow

Man arrested for stealing his girlfriend’s Bible and pillow

After being arrested and charged with stealing items belonging to his girlfriend, a young man pleaded guilty.

On Monday, January 30, Peter Otieno of Nairobi, Kenya, took his lover Valentine Songore’s Bible, pillow, mat, and mobile phone without her permission.

He was charged with theft and possession of stolen property, to which he pleaded guilty.

Otieno appeared before the Makadara Law Courts, which were presided over by Senior Principal Magistrate Mary Njagi, and had his charges read to him.

The case stated:

According to the prosecution team, Otieno went to Songore’s house and asked for breakfast.

After breakfast, he asked for sex, but she declined, sparking an argument that quickly escalated.

Songore fled the house for safety after Otieno slapped her.

Songore claimed that when she returned to the house later with a relative, she couldn’t find some of her belongings.

She inquired about the whereabouts of the items, but Otieno only insulted her. She then made the decision to file a police report.

The items were discovered in Otieno’s possession after a two-day search in his home.

In other news, an Iranian court sentenced two Instagram content creators to ten and a half years in prison for public dancing and sharing a video of it online.

The convicts, Astiyazh Haghighi, 21, and Amir Mohammad Ahmadi, 22, who are engaged and planning to marry, are both full-time Instagram content creators with nearly a million followers.

In October 2022, the video that led to their imprisonment was made public. It depicts them dancing in the street in the capital’s Azadi Square, which translates as “Freedom Square” and has been the site of anti-government protests. The square is said to be a historic epicentre of Iranian protests, and it is also used by pro-government Iranians to commemorate the Iranian Revolution of 1979.

According to reports, Branch 15 of the Tehran Revolutionary Court charged the couple with “encouraging corruption, assembly, and collusion with the intention of disrupting national security and spreading propaganda” against the Islamic Republic, and sentenced them to prison on January 29.

The pair was reportedly arrested arbitrarily on November 1, 2022, beaten by plainclothes police officers, denied access to a lawyer, and denied bail.


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