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Man arrested for murdering his wife for returning home late

Man arrested for murdering his wife for returning home late

Nairobi police have arrested a man who allegedly beat his wife to death because she arrived home late.

The suspect, from Githurai 45, is said to be in law enforcement custody, assisting with further investigation.
Kasarani Police Chief Anthony Mbogo confirmed the arrest and said the suspect was being held at the Kasarani Police Station.

“They also arrested the suspect who was taken from Githurai 44 police station and is currently being held at Kasarani Police station,” Anthony Mbogo was quoted as saying in a local media interview.

According to reports, the suspect struck Florence Kaari on the head with a blunt object, severely injuring her. She died as a result of the assault.

On December 4, 2022, the unfortunate incident reportedly occurred in the presence of the couple’s househelp, Ruth Kaimenyi.

According to the witness, the suspect arrived home drunk on that fateful day and became enraged when he discovered his wife had returned home.

“I told him she hadn’t arrived, and she told me to get out of the house because he threatened me that I would know we were living in his house,” Kaimenyi told police, according to

Out of rage, the suspect locked out the housekeeper until the deceased returned home and told her about her husband’s violent behavior and threats.

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Florence, on the other hand, knocked on the door of her matrimonial home, and the suspect opened it and let her in.

According to reports, a fight broke out immediately after she entered the room, with Kaimenyi helplessly watching on until the unfortunate happened.

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