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Main suspect in the Wa murder case has been apprehended

Main suspect in the Wa murder case has been apprehended

She goes on to say that the herbalist, who already has two wives, offered to make her his third wife, which she declined.

Later, he told me that I was lovely and that he would like to marry me and make me his third wife, but I declined. “He said I declined him because he was ugly,” she explained, “but I told him I was young and even still a virgin before visiting his premises.”

The teenager’s brother, David Ndadiah, says the herbalist is pleading for the case to be settled at home, but the family wants to take it to court.

“After the medical forms were released, we reported the case to the police station.”

“The herbalist is here pleading with us to settle the case at home,” he said, “but we will not allow it.”

According to a police statement, on September 18, 2022, Special Purpose Police Intelligence and investigation teams working with members of the community discovered a body in a shallow grave at Bamahu, a Wa suburb.

Family members of the deceased later identified the body as Seidu Baga, who had gone missing on September 16, 2022.
The body was then exhumed and transported to the Regional Hospital in Wa for an autopsy and investigation.

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Police have dispatched clinical psychologists to provide psychosocial support to the family.

“We want to reassure residents of Wa Municipality and its surroundings that the special intelligence and investigation teams will continue to work around the clock, with help from the affected communities, to bring the perpetrators to justice.”

“Operations and combat teams have also saturated the area to ensure overall safety and security,” according to the statement.

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