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Love Me Again– Episode 4

Love Me Again– Episode 4


By: Loudest Thoughts  

After spending an eternity with that someone, there would still be the little things you would need to learn about them over time”

This is how it has been after about 3 years of us living together: I suddenly get offended over things I used to laugh at when we were still new to our marriage, and I couldn’t help but conclude that after 2 years of marriage, I outgrew those feelings I had.

Barbara and I dated for a year before marrying in our second year, and by the end of the second year, I realized that the love had been replaced by hatred.

So, after three years of living together, I now believe that our love wasn’t meant to be. I didn’t realize marriage included this much baggage. You believe you know someone well enough to spend the rest of your life with them, but there are minor things that you may have to get used to in the future.

Later that evening, as I drove back home, I kept asking myself why I was so enraged over such a trivial matter. Was it because it was starting to become a pattern, or because I felt she was never like that and would be a problem when we finally started having kids?

Yes! We’ve been trying for kids since we got married. We intended to adopt a boy but wanted to give it some thought first.

By the time I realized I was home, my wife had already greeted me.

“Welcome, darling. How was your day?”

I contemplated and responded softly. “Great.”

She assisted me with my suit and bag right away.

Rushed to the kitchen to get the dinner table set whiles I sat there watching TV.

“Your meal is ready, love.” She forced a grin.

Babs is aware that I prefer to eat before showering. I gave her a long stare before tossing the TV remote onto the couch.

We sat down to eat, and she did nothing but stare at her food.

I continued to ignore her. I took the first bite of food and dashed down to the bathroom to puke.

“Barbara, what is that?” I exclaimed and she dashed halfway to meet me. “What’s the problem, Clyde?” “Are you all right?” She inquired innocently.

“What nonsense did you cook?”

“I’m sorry, Clyde, but…”

I cut her off as she was speaking. “You ……… what?”

I hastened outside and, fortunately, I was still dressed for work. I grabbed my car keys and drove off.

I went to a restaurant near our house and ordered ‘eba and agushie’ stew; as I ate, I thought to myself, Barbara is a good cook; she has never made such a dish for me.

She is aware that I don’t joke with my food, despite the fact that we’ve been having some problems with our affections for one another over the previous year, to the point where we hardly spoke anymore.

Though she always seemed unconcerned, I can’t recall the last time I touched my wife. I only hoped the day wouldn’t come when I would have to resort to eating outside or beating her.

I quickly dismissed my thoughts of violence and continued eating.

“She might have been exhausted or bothered by something,” I told myself quietly.

Babs does that when she has something upsetting her, as I witnessed her staring during dinner. At least I know her that much.

And every time, I’m the one who has to make an effort to communicate.

I hoped she was all right, the whole time I was out.

“Clyde, what do you care?” I asked myself.

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Despite everything going on, her sadness gets to me.

I ate hastily and drove home, where I noticed Barbara sleeping on the couch.

I knew she was in pain right away, and old feelings flooded back in. I quickly recalled how we fell in love and decided to marry.

“What happened to cause me to fall out of love with my wife all of a sudden?” I asked quietly so as not to wake her up.

I carried her upstairs; one thing about Babs is that she is petite and cute; on the way up, she clung to my shoulder and slept.

She slept soundly next to me, but I spent the first half of the night wide awake, staring at her and wondering if she was alright.

As I ran my hand through her silky hair, which used to make me drool over her on our happy days, I felt some excitement going through my body.

I then thought back to what was once love and is now hatred.


To be continued

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