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Love Me Again– Episode 2

Love Me Again– Episode 2


By: Loudest Thoughts  

“You feel it’s right when fate decides”

I ran across Barbara in my hotel hallway a week later. I actually went to that hotel to meet with a business associate.

I immediately lost sight of why I had gone to the hotel, and rushed toward her, even though doing so would have prevented me from accomplishing the main purpose of my trip. I’ve been longing to see her again ever since our first encounter, so on that particular day, for some reason, I left everything for her.

She was less uptight and grinned in response to my pleasantries.

“Hey, you.” She said.

I extended my hand for a handshake and said, “Yes, me again.” Following our conversation, she gave me her room number and said she was leaving. I told myself that was simple after she walked away.

I went to the reception desk in the evening to make a call to her, and she gave me permission to see her.

I knocked on her door, and she said, “Oh, you’re the Clyde guy.” I nodded simply because the beauty gazing at me had stolen my breath away.

When she said, “Come in,” I was startled out of my daydream. I was anxious at first, but after that, the night went smoothly— till I realized Barbara was the reason I was extending my stay in San Francisco.

We became the best of friends and subsequently learned that she was upset with her father for trying to get her married off to a different family friend when we first met in the urinal.

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She sounded worried about her father’s opinion of her associations. “Well, families who can afford to book a hotel for an entire year must be pretty affluent and powerful,” I reasoned quietly.

Barbara is a sight to behold; it took me about a year to win her heart. And through all the romance, stories, and conflicts, her parents had to leave her life for her because she didn’t want to return to them in London.

Though I traveled from Nigeria to San Francisco on business, I fell in love and returned home with members of my family to marry her.

They did not accept our invitation to the wedding because the father, Mr. Wilson, was determined to marry her to someone else. Barbara moved away from home and spent nearly a year in San Francisco, where she acquired a few pals that made getting married easy. Though she was debating returning to London, she fell in love with me.


To be continued


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