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Love Me Again – Episode 1

Love Me Again – Episode 1


By: Loudest Thoughts

“Time is everything in marriage”


“Gosh, it’s already 6:30 a.m. I managed to mumble, “Damn it,” as I reached for my alarm. “Why didn’t you wake me up, Babs?” I asked my drowsy wife, who was barely able to keep her eyes open.
I ignored her and dashed to the bathroom; in a matter of minutes, I was out with my briefcase and car keys.
“I’m sorry, darling, but breakfast will be ready in five minutes.”
She yelled, but I ignored her and drove off. Although I felt bad for treating her badly this morning, I was starting to worry that she was being too lazy—at least, that was the only thing I could think of.


“Feelings of the first day are like buying a new something you can’t do without”

Barbara and I married two years ago in a small congregation in San Francisco, where I met her on a business trip.
Ours was unique compared to all the romantic tales of how couples first met. Quite an odd one, in fact.
One evening after work, I decided to take a walk; along the way, I felt the need to urinate; as I entered, I encountered this African lady in the male’s restroom who hadn’t even noticed I was there. Her door was unlocked.
I swiftly pulled out my phone and activated the camera’s shutter sound. She awoke from her reverie, forgetting to pull up her underwear.
She then caused a stir by threatening to kill me if I didn’t delete the photo. And I said, “I’d post it on social media”.
She became enraged, and we began arguing in the restroom. Although I couldn’t put my finger on why I was upset, I eventually came to the conclusion that she was definitely in the wrong place.
Someone else came in for a few minutes, and we pretended to be fine. Until I heard the guy say, “Gosh, get a room.”
Barbara looked at me, and for a split second, I saw something else in her eyes. I followed her out, forgetting why I had come.
She kept walking when I asked her to wait for me while I kept closing the distance between us, until she got to what seemed like her car, about to open. Then I yelled, “Don’t you want your picture any longer?” I thought I had her attention for a moment, but she looked back and asked me to keep it because she didn’t care.
I was in her driveway, as she climbed into her car and attempted to drive away, nearly hitting me. “What the heck do you want?” She angrily demanded when she eventually stepped out of the car.
“I suppose I like you, at least allow me to apologize for what occurred back there,” I retorted.
“Okay, okay, but now please get out of my way.”
I felt conflicted as I swiftly moved out of her way.

To be continued…


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