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Lady Accuses Rapper, EL, of Groping and Sexual Abuse

Lady Accuses Rapper, EL, of Groping and Sexual Abuse

The artist Elorm Adablah, better known in showbiz as EL, has been accused of sexual abuse and groping by a Ghanaian woman on Facebook who goes by Edna FG.

She said in a Facebook post that the rapper has been pressuring female musicians who come to his recording studio in the Nyaniba estates to have sex.

She stated that in 2009, she paid EL for a recording session, but she was never given the opportunity to record her songs and was forced to sit for hours as the rapper entered the room with several young ladies.

She went on to say that EL “demanded sex and groped her” at another studio in Osu, where they met again a few days after she paid for a recording session at his studio but was unable to record there.

She claimed that when EL thence asked her to meet him at a hotel, she declined and failed to appear.

Edna’s accusations on Facebook via FB/ Edna FG


“EL trying to revive his career is the most funniest shit ever, you think you will be forcing women to sleep with you in order for them  to have a chance to record at your studio at Nyaniba estates and you think karma wouldn’t get you?….All the women you have used and slept with are witnesses to how you can’t keep your penis in your boxers to even save your life,” she wrote on her Facebook page on February 14.

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