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Kumasi: Adum traders reopen shops following a meeting

Kumasi: Adum traders reopen shops following a meeting

Following a meeting with the government to discuss concerns about the implementation of tax policies, traders in Adum, Ashanti Region, have reopened their shops.

Following discussions with the traders’ leadership, the Ashanti Regional Minister, Simon Osei Mensah, stated that a plan would be put in place to address the traders’ grievances.

“In total, we have resolved a few issues.” We have drawn a road map for others, and we will address all of them.”

“I can’t address everything at my level.” Some will have to be considered at the ministerial level. Some may have to travel as far as Parliament if necessary.”

The minister also stated that the protesting traders were open to the government’s offers.

“In good faith, they accepted.” It means they meant well… it was their worry they were attempting to express.”

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Businesses shut down this week in protest of the uneven implementation of VAT on goods sold and payment of the VAT Flat rate.

They also expressed concern that the pressure to pay income tax, the high cost of store rentals and charges from the metropolitan assembly are eroding their profits.

Some merchants were also dissatisfied with the activities of Ghana Revenue Authority officials stationed in their establishments.

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