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KSM has announced his battle with prostate cancer

KSM has announced his battle with prostate cancer

Ghanaian comic Kwaku Sintim-Misa has announced that he is battling prostate cancer.

KSM, as he is generally known, revealed his health situation in an exclusive interview on JoyNews’ AM Show.

According to the humorist, he needed surgery to get some relief.

“In the last year, I’ve been fighting prostate cancer.” I was in the United States when I had to get a prostatectomy.

“That’s a really extreme procedure to remove your entire prostrate,” he explained.

KSM, who turned 66 two days ago, described the events that led to his discovery of the disease, saying he ultimately agreed to go check his testosterone level after repeated attempts to persuade him.

He claimed that his friend, who had recently begun working at a health facility, eventually convinced him to examine it, and that his PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) levels were high.

“It started when a buddy of mine informed me he was now working with the American Rejuvenation Center, and he wants me to come and perform a checkup; he wants me to come and check my PSA.” I continued to stall.

So, I stated I’ll go at one point as if I’m doing him a favor. And when I went in for the visit, the doctor told me that my PSA levels were quite high. And I’m not convinced by your PSA level,” he continued.

The satirist revealed that he was aware of his high PSA results but felt strong since he engages in regular activities.
“I walk at least 5 kilometers every morning,” he said.

According to the TV star, he had no symptoms but later discovered that his prostrate was malignant.

“I didn’t have any symptoms.” “I go for a stroll, and I have no exhaustion, no lack of appetite, no blood in my pee, and no painful ejaculation,” he explained.

As a result, KSM recommended black males, particularly those over the age of 30, to “do their PSA checks.” “There is a distinction to be made between being fit and being healthy,” he noted.

Kwaku Sintim-Misa, known for his satires, is the host of the renowned KSM Show, on which he entertains and educates the people by shedding light on challenges in the country on a lighter note.

The humorist was also a member of the acting community. He has been in the hit American television show Law & Order.

When he performed Thoughts of a Confused Black Man, a tremendously popular one-man performance that addressed compelling problems, he was in his prime.

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KSM became the first African to create an original Off-Broadway play when he staged Thoughts of a Confused Black Man, a very popular one-man show that offered gripping concerns about race in the United States.



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