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Katanga Hall Alumni wants incarcerated KNUST students freed

Katanga Hall Alumni wants incarcerated KNUST students freed
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The Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) Katanga Hall Alumni Association has petitioned the education minister regarding the arrest of three of its members.

In a letter, the Association requested the release of three students who had been detained by police.

According to them, the trio was held without charge for more than 48 hours before being arraigned in court.

This, according to the Association, was illegal because “they are presumed innocent until proven guilty by a court of law.”

Three more KNUST students were remanded in police custody last week in connection with campus violence.
Emmanuel Appiah Amoah aka Soldier Ba, Eugene Nuamesi, and Kwabena Kwarteng Amaniampong aka Zongo Chief are the three.

This brings the total number of arrested students to five.
However, the Association believes that this incarceration is a hasty reaction to the issue of frequent Katanga-Conti clashes.

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“We believe your desire to find new ways to educate Ghana’s youth puts you in a unique position to appreciate the dynamism of today’s Ghanaian youth.” “We beseech you to ensure the immediate release of these students detained by the police while a thorough impartial, open investigation and a fair hearing for these young students is conducted,” parts of the petition stated.

The Association also called for a national dialogue on recent events that have resulted in campus violence.

“We are convinced that you are the best person to intervene in order to resolve this matter with the urgency that it deserves,” they said.

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