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Joe Ghartey accepted only a ring and bible from his in-laws

Joe Ghartey accepted only a ring and bible from his in-laws

After rejecting the bride price from his prospective in-laws, Hon. Joe Ghartey, Member of Parliament for Essikado-Ketan, has started an interesting trend. He chose to give his daughter, Ewurama Ghartey’s hand in marriage over the weekend without the traditional dowry. Instead, he requested a Bible and a ring.

In the ceremony video, the former Attorney-General and Second Deputy Speaker explained that when he married his wife, he took the same items to her family, so he decided to continue the tradition.

He also stated that he did not want to burden the young couple as they begin their family life. He stated that he prioritizes their marriage’s happiness and longevity.

“God bless you, Ewurama.” The ring and Bible were brought by your husband’s family. When I went to ask your mother for her hand in marriage, I only brought a ring and a Bible to the family. You and your husband can continue this tradition when you have children. I may be dead and gone by then, but it is proper to do so. I can’t make you both do it. You’re all in this together.”

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In response, the groom and his family expressed gratitude and considered themselves fortunate to have merged their families with Hon. Ghartey’s.

The spokesperson for the groom’s family explained the bride’s father’s mysterious demand.

“We had one of the most interesting conversations when we went to see our father Joe Ghartey for his daughter’s hand in marriage.” He explained that the couple had only recently begun their lives and that he did not want to burden them. So, he only asked for a ring to symbolize that this woman is married and a Bible to serve as a guide in times of trouble as part of his wishes.

“That was all he asked for. Apart from the ring and the Bible, he will reject anything else. We followed the request because we care about the woman. If you see us here today, it is because we have arrived with the items for her hand in marriage.”

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