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‘It was in self-defense’ – Nigerian man who beheaded girlfriend says

‘It was in self-defense’ – Nigerian man who beheaded girlfriend says

Daniel Dennis, the Nigerian man who decapitated his girlfriend at Spintex, has stated that he did so in self-defense.

He revealed this when he appeared at Teshie Magistrate Court on Thursday.

According to allegations, Mr Dennis did this horrific deed in order to participate in money rituals.

However, it was revealed in court that the victim, only named as Vivian, got into an argument with the accused when he prohibited her from smoking pot in his Spintex room.

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Mr Dennis, who is said to have wrapped the deceased’s lifeless body in a mattress, was apprehended by police on Wednesday following a tip from his landlord.

He has already been remanded in detention, and the case has been postponed until March 30, 2023.

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