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I’m the best candidate for NDC National Organizer

I’m the best candidate for NDC National Organizer

Joseph Yamin, a former National Democratic Congress (NDC) Ashanti Regional Secretary and former Deputy Minister for the region has declared his intention to run for NDC National Organizer.

He believes that the party’s national executive team must be formidable in order to win the 2024 elections, and he believes that his input will be felt when he becomes the party’s National Organizer ahead of the elections.

Mr. Yammin will run against the incumbent National Organizer, Joshua Akamba.

Speaking to Citi News, the former Ashanti Region regional secretary stated that he has a better chance of winning the position.

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“In the NDC, whoever is elected as National Organizer is qualified, but now I see myself as capable of turning a half-chance into a goal.” The others may be good, but I believe I am the best candidate to lead the party.”

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