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I think my wife is weird

I think my wife is weird

Make it make sense!


My wife is weird. –  How weird, doesn’t even make sense.

We’ve been on this journey for 8 years now.

Two kids together and everything was wrong from the start.

Nope!  She wasn’t a virgin. She told me that much. I wanted us to wait when we were dating.

She said – “You probably don’t have a manhood.”

So, I obliged and we had sex, just one time before we settled down two years after.

On our honeymoon – nothing happened.

A day before our wedding, she came into my hotel room in the middle of the night – she said,” Let’s do it one more time.”

“Come on, just 12 hours more- we can do this all our lives,” I said at that time and she left.

Our wedding was successful but that night on our honeymoon, she wouldn’t let me.

A month into our marriage, she still wouldn’t let me.

Here’s the weird part – We only have sex on our birthdays.

And the excitement that comes with that is mind-blowing – the only reason why we are still together for 6 years.

Nope! I’m not getting it anywhere else and neither is she.

After our wedding- our birthdays were 5 and 7 months apart so we sort of slayed.

The reason I’m complaining now is – my friends say it’s not normal so I should get out of the marriage. But I’m not as worried anymore as I used to be.

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How did they know? – Boys talk!

In the beginning, she used to occupy a different room but for the past 2years, she frequents my room but we are still not getting any sex. – We do cuddle a lot!

Funny enough, I’ve grown to like the entire concept that I don’t complain anymore.

Do you think, there’s something wrong with my wife or us?


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