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I Fell In Love – Episode 5

I Fell In Love – Episode 5

Copyright © 2016 by Toyin Taiwo.




Episode 5


When he left, Wemmy couldn’t get the flashes of the kiss out of her head, her brain was just running, playing and replaying the scene continuously. It was as if she has never been kissed before all her life. She doesn’t need a sooth sayer to tell her she’s deeply in love with him. She bursted into tears again and this time not for herself but for Emmanuel, this guy love her like kilode. Feranmi is right, they should just leave things d way they are now.

Despite the fact that they didn’t see each other in weeks, Feranmi’s love for Wemmy grows stronger and stronger, truth be told that kiss did not help matter at all, he couldn’t get it off his head. He broke up with his girlfriend last section based on the fact that he caught her cheating on him, I mean he cut her in the act, while will he do such a thing to another guy, he knows how how it felt to be betrayed by someone you love.

He did not want Wemmy to turn out to be like his ex. He did not want to be the cause of separation between her and her boyfriend. But he loves her to the bone, He saw her clearly in his future, he saw her as someone who will be in his life for a very long time.

” I’m stuck here. God please help me, your word says he who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtain favour from the Lord” he said to himself.

Wemmy is sure a wife material, that he is sure of, It’s know it’s not written on the forehead, but if you get to know her, then you will wish to have some one like her in your life.

Feranmi was surprised when he saw her in front of his door, he just came back from school and was about to shower when she showed up.

“Wemmy ! What in God’s name are you doing here” Feranmi questioned

“Will you let me in first”

“Emmanuel is not back from school”

“Of course I know that, just let me in”

He gestured her to come in before closing the door behind her. He offered her a sit but she declined.
“Gosh i miss her, its been weeks we saw each other” he thought within himself.

“I told you we have to maintain our distance for now, till we put this feelings behind us” Feranmi said pacing up and down the room.

“And is that helping you? Cos it’s not helping me. Exams is starting in 2weeks and I’m loosing concentration already I’ve never carried any course over and we both know that this is not a good time to experience one, so I need my concentration back and this disappearing act of yours is not helping matters”

“OK, no more disappearing act,hun!


“I promise” He covered the space between them with a stride, he hugged her and kiss her on the forehead.

“Feranmi, I’m not saying we should start a relationship but I want our friendship back, imagine we don’t even have each other’s phone no and I know u did that on purpose too”

“Give me your number if that will make you happy” he said and they both exchanged numbers.

“So how was your day? She asked now in a happy mood.

“It was fine, yours?”


“But not too stressful for you to come down here, he said jokingly.

“Wait! What are you feeling like” she said trying to frown

“Easy, where is your sense of humour, I’m just joking, in fact I’m glad you came, you made my day complete”

“ Hmm, men and ego, anyway I’m leaving, enjoy the rest of your evening”

Wemmy got a call from Feranmi later in the evening, he promise to check on her before the week runs out. They do chat on WhatsApp as well, She now sleeps well this days and now she concentrated better on her exams and project.

He came during the week as he promised and they were back on their gisting mode. He told her about his ex and she realized while he’s been fighting the feeling he has for her. There and then Wemmy made up her mind.
“Feranmi, I won’t jeopardize my happiness for anyone or anything, this is my life and I think I now know what I want.

” Wemmy……

“I’m breaking up with him”

“What ! He shouted almost spilling the drink I served him

“I’m going to break up with Emmanuel” she repeated

“I heard you the first time, where did that come from”

“Except you don’t want me”

“Come off it, you know how badly I want you but I don’t want to be selfish, he loves you Wemimo”

“More reasons why I’d rather break up with him than cheat on him. Feranmi, I’m not that kind of a girl, I wasn’t brought up that way, I can’t cheat so it’s better to end things with him. I’m talking about my future here, the person I’ll spend the rest of my life with.

“Oluwawemimo,like your name implies I don’t want anything to tanish your name, let’s not rush things here.

“I’m not rushing things. Here is my decision, I’ll wait till we finish our exams and project defence before I break the news to him. I mean I’ll have to do it before we leave school finally.

“Wemimo people will crucify us”

“We’ll cross the bridge when we get there and I believe our love we see us through, Feranmi”


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