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I Fell In love – Episode 3

I Fell In love – Episode 3

Copyright © 2016 by Toyin Taiwo.




Episode 3


Wemmy got back to her lodge and collected her key from Sophia, She showered and fix herself something to eat. Emmanuel showed up later in the evening looking tired.
“Don’t tell me you are just coming from your supervisor’s house?”

“Yes, the man just released me”

“Let me get you something to eat”

“I’m not hungry we stop by In a restaurant on our way back”

“Are u going home or you want to sleep over”

“I’ll sleep over” he replied

“Then you should call Feranmi, i really enjoyed his company”

“I told you he’s a great guy, I really admire his kind of person ever since he moved in last semester”

He called Feranmi later, he thanked him and informed him he won’t be coming home, he passed the phone to his girlfriend who in turn thank him as well.

Ever since that weekend, Wemmy always make sure she spare little time to say hi to Feranmi whenever she visited Emmanuel. They now relate well, there was a day she ran into him in school and they chatted for some minutes.

Feranmi got a call from his childhood friend, Richard who informed him that his sister just got admission into UI and he told his friend to send her phone no, he promised to check on her. On Friday evening, he called the number his friend sent him.

“Hello this is Feranmi on the line, your brother’s friend”

“Uncle Feranmi! She shouted gleefully”

“I’m happy to hear from you, my brother told me you’d call”

“Yep, its been long I saw you, I doubt if I’ll still recognize you” he said jokingly. Richard told me you stay off campus, just text me the address”

“When are you coming”

“Are you at home now”

“Yes” she replied

“Then you’ll see me soon”

“It’s a lie! She said jumping with joy and the line went off.

He alighted from the bike, and she was already waiting for him in front of her lodge. She jumped and hugged him tightly. He handed over to her the things she brought for her.

“Thank you big brother”

“You are welcome little sis” he said teasingly.

They both went into her room where they gist and he gave her loads of advice on academics, social life on campus, boys and UI in general.

“Allow me take my leave now, I’ll check on you during the week, at least let me take care of you a bit before I graduate”

“Alright, but please Uncle Feranmi,before you leave there’s someone I’d like you to meet, she’s been like a big sister to me here, she’s in 500l too, you need to thank her on my behalf”

She took him by the hand and led him to her room she knocked at the door and she came out.



“You guys know each other” Sophia asked pointing at both of them.

“What are u doing here” she asked

“So this is your lodge” he asked

They all entered into Wemmy’s room and there they answered each other’s questions.
“Thank you for taking care of my little sis,she told me so much about you”

“It’s nothing, we are once jambite too and I know she needs a lot of care and attention”

“I like your room, it’s lady like”

“Thanks”. They all got talking for some minutes before he left.

When he got home, he went straight to Emmanuel’s room and downloaded everything that happened to him and they laugh over it, its really a small world indeed, its late already so he retired to his room to sleep.

During the week, Feranmi payed Sophia a visit, they chatted for a while and he stood to his feet prepared to leave.

“Are u leaving already” she asked

“No, I want to check on Wemmy, I’ll come back to your room before I leave”

Feranmi went to Wemmy’s room, as usual they got talking again as if they’ve known each other for ages.

“How’s your project going, hope your Supervisor is not too hard on you like that of Emmanuel” he enquired

“Not really but he’ll make you write one chapter for like 10times before approval” she said and they both laughed.

“Yours” she asked

“I guess I’m lucky with mine, he’s one of the most simplest Lectures in my department”. He checked his wrist wash and realize its getting late. I’ll be leaving now he announced.

“Ok, thanks for stopping by, I’ll see you on Saturday” she informed him.

“Please bring Sophia along”

“I will, goodnight”

“Goodnight” he said and hugged her. There is this strong current that runs between them that made them refrain from the hug immediately.

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