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I Fell In Love – Episode 2

I Fell In Love – Episode 2

Copyright © 2016 by Toyin Taiwo.



Episode 2

Wemmy got to Emmanuel’s lodge but lo and behold he’s not in. She open her purse to use her copy of Emmanuel’s key then she remembered she left her bunch of key with Thessy. She picked her phone and called his line.

“Where are you? I’m at your place and my key is not with me”

“Sweetheart I’m sorry, I just got a call from my supervisor, he ask me to come over to his house, I was so much in a hurry that I forgot to inform you.”

“It’s OK”

“You know what ?I won’t take long, you can stay with my flatmate, he’s around I will give him a call now”

“You mean the guy that just move in?you know we don’t get along well in fact we barely talk”

“That’s because you didn’t get to know him, he’s a great guy, he’ll keep you company till I come back”

“OK you can call him then” she said reluctantly and ended the call”

Emmanuel put a call through to Feranmi and told him his girlfriend need to stay with him till he comes back.

Feranmi came out and exchanged greetings with Wemmy.
“Emmanuel called, you can stay in my room till he comes back” he said and ushered her in.

“Thank you” she said why scanning the whole room, the room is very neat and well furnished just like Emmanuel’s room, guys this days make their room comfy.

“Your room is nice”

“Thanks please make yourself comfortable plus what can I offer you”

“Cold water will do”

“No, you can’t take only water,he declined”

“Seriously, cold water will do”

He served me chilled water and I thank him. Before I knew it we got talking, I never knew he was someone interesting to be with it. I checked the time it was 2hours already, my boyfriend called and told me he’s still with his supervisor, he took him out to get some things for the project. He pleaded with me to wait for another one hour.

“What did he say” Feranmi asked

“He said I should wait for another one hour, I’m sorry for the inconveniences”

“Not at all, I’m enjoying myself,I never knew you talk like this, I take you for the quiet type” he said

“Me too, I thought staying here with you will be super boring but I was wrong”

We continued our gist and we talked about almost everything. An hour 20min later Emmanuel called back and said he’s still with his supervisor.

” I will take my leave then” I said and he promise to check up on me when he comes back.

“I’d like to take my leave now Emmanuel won’t be coming soon,thanks so much for keeping me company”

“My pleasure, its nice getting to know you and you really made my weekend”


“Yes it’s fun having you around and I must confess Emmanuel is really lucky to have an intelligent and friendly lady for a girlfriend”

“Thanks” she said smiling, and he saw her off.


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