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‘I anticipate low scoring games in the World cup’ – Faisal Chibsah

Faisal Chibsah, FIFA High Performance Specialist, predicts several low-scoring games at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

He attributes this expectation to the short preparation time for teams competing in this year’s competition, which was moved from June to July to the cooler months of November and December in Qatar.


I’m going to go for low-scoring games because the coaches had one week tops to prepare their players. With that period the easiest thing to train is the out-of-possession phase of the game. The attacking side of it really takes some time. If you have a team that has been together consistently for a long time, I think it’s easier to teach that but if you are just putting a squad together without a lot of consistency, the easiest thing to teach will be the out-of-possession phase of the game.


So I anticipate teams to be compact when defending, without allowing too much space behind or between lines… So, to be fair, I don’t see high-scoring games,” he said in an exclusive interview with Citi Sports.

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Chibsah previously worked as Charlotte FC’s Head of Academy Recruitment before joining FIFA.


Source: Citi Sports

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