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His mother has to go

His mother has to go

Make it make sense!


He wants me to tell his mother it’s time to leave.

My husband isn’t talking to me right now because I refuse to send his mother away.
Why do I have to be the one to tell his mother to leave?

She came to visit us last year and has since refused to leave and somehow my husband thinks it’s my responsibility to ask her to.

His reason for wanting her gone is – she keeps bothering me about kids. Funny enough, her son is the one with the problem.

So if she leaves- he can avoid admitting he’s the one with the problem and not his wife.

According to him- if he does, it would taint his reputation and ruin his family.

I asked him, “how about my reputation?”

“We’re not technically related.”- So you’d get over the backlash.

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I was so disappointed – if we aren’t family, what have we been doing for the past seven years?

Here, I was thinking, he was trying to protect me from his mother’s constant barking about my inability to have kids.

He’s turned into an angry man since.

“Until you make her leave, we can’t live together anymore.” – He’s moved out for the last couple of days and my mother-in-law thinks he travelled.

Trivial right? – I’m not worried about him at all because he’d be back to apologize.

I still don’t get why I should be the one to deliver the bad news.


Joy– Cape coast



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