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Heartbreak Kid – Chapter 4

Heartbreak Kid – Chapter 4

Copyright of Amara Ibeachum 


No part of this work should be copied without the permission of the author.


Chapter 4

The very next day, I woke up, snuggled in the arms of the man of my dreams. The memories of last night were stuck in my head. I smiled at the ceiling as I recalled everything–his body against mine, the slow and steady romance coupled with the tender kisses. It was electrifying.

I didn’t even notice Kyle was awake. He planted a kiss on my cheek, drawing closer to his bare body and caressing me softly.

“Good morning,” he whispered.

I answered him with a kiss on the lip and watched a smile grow on his face.

“Can I ask for a favor?”

His face creased a little but was soon back to normal. “Sure, what is it?”

“, Victoria’s son’s christening is today and I was wondering if you could be my plus one. Not as anything though. I only want to spite her.”

“Wow, Victoria’s married. That’s…”

“Not shocking.”

Kyle giggled. ”Exactly. Well, I’d happily help you taunt Victoria.”

I kissed him again and sprang up from the bed with the sheets wrapped around my body, leaving a completely naked Kyle on the bed. He chased after me and we both ended up having a sequel to the previous night.


I can never forget the look on Victoria’s face when she saw me come into the church with Kyle. She looked like she had just seen a ghoul, well, she did consider me somewhat of a demon.

Mum was the first to welcome us, and to my surprise, she recognized Kyle.

“Hello, Mrs. Charlton. It’s good to see you too,” Kyle wrapped his arms around my mother. I looked over my mum’s shoulder and admired the gruesome look on Victoria’s face. She shot me abstare and I returned a smile. I spotted Charlie in John’s arms from behind Victoria and walked over to say hi.

“What is Kyle doing here?” Victoria snapped at me.

“He’s here with me for Charlie’s christening. No one said I couldn’t bring a friend.”

“And when you say friend, you mean some you have sex with, right?”

“Piss off, Victoria. You weren’t the one who invited me anyways,” I snapped at her.

I think my mum sensed the tension between the two of us and came to stop us before things got out of hand.

“Please girls, let’s be on our best behavior, shall we? We don’t want to draw unnecessary attention to ourselves.”

“No, we don’t,” Victoria shot me an irritating look.

“I’m glad we’re on the same page. Oh goodie, the priest is here. John, get Charlie ready,” my mum left.

Kyle approached us shortly, I think he suspected something was wrong.

He fastened his hand around my waist. “Is everything okay here?” he looked at Victoria.

I know it might sound crazy but there was something about the way they both looked at each other. It was like something was going on and they were the only ones who knew about it. I suddenly felt a pang of uneasiness. As I said, Victoria always knew how to make my already miserable life even more miserable.

“Excuse me,” I freed myself from Kyle’s grip.

“Jane!” Kyle called out but I didn’t dare to look back.


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