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Heartbreak Kid – Chapter 2

Heartbreak Kid – Chapter 2
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No part of this work should be copied without the permission of the author.


Chapter 2


I got back from work extremely tired. Being a secretary was harder than I had thought. There was lots of paperwork and so many errands to run. Maybe I should have thought things through before taking on the job. Amidst the fatigue, I still had to stop by the grocery store. As I tried to slot in the key to open the door to my apartment, my phone started to ring from inside the grocery bag where I had initially dropped it.

“Ugh. Who could it be now?” I said, trying to see if I could make out the caller by looking at the screen and opening the door at the same time but the bag ended up on the ground and most of the content rolled out. This certainly wasn’t my day.

I eventually opened the door and gathered all my groceries into my apartment.

That was when I saw on the screen who had been calling me; my sister, Victoria.

Victoria and I didn’t get along much. We grew up fighting almost all the time over useless stuff. Well, we are adults now and she is married, even though I was the older one.

Yes, I am older than Victoria but by only 1 year and 3 months. I’m 24 and she’s 23. We’re almost twins if you ask me. Well, Victoria was always the lucky one when it came to guys. She was way prettier and was easier to relate with; a people’s I would say. I was the complete opposite of my sister but I am certainly not ugly. I don’t like people and prefer my own company.

“Oh, Jane. Thank God you finally had your phone repaired. I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to reach you,” Victoria’s voice echoed through the speaker.

“Yeh, it’s been fixed for two days now, Victoria, and what’s with the caring sister act? You barely ever call and you certainly don’t care if I get wiped out from the face of the earth.”

“Oh, I’m glad you caught on quickly. Hold on a bit.” Victoria started to whisper. “Mum’s here and she wanted me to invite you to Charlie’s christening. She also said I should be nice.”

“I knew it was a setup. I mean, you’re never nice to me.”

“Yes, Jane, we know you know your sister more than anyone else in the world. Even more than John.”

John is Victoria’s goody-two-shoes husband. Everyone loves John, including my mother. If you don’t love John you have a problem and I don’t love him. So you get the memo.

“Will you be coming to his christening or not? It’s mum who wants you to come anyways.”

“Of course, I’ll be there, Victoria. My resentment towards you and John has nothing to do with Charlie.”

“Great. Will Jeremy be coming too or are you guys not speaking?”

Victoria was a mastermind at taunting me. If she knew my weakness, she’d surely find a way to use it against me.

“Jeremy won’t be coming and don’t ask me why.”

“Oh, Jane. You do know you aren’t getting any younger. You need to find a man before it’s too late. Let someone love you. Well, see you on Sunday,” Victoria said just before she hung up.

And just as I heard the beep, I remembered that I was yet to call Kyle. It’s been two days now and he probably thinks I don’t want to see him. But deep down, I know how much I long for him. I searched for the notepad where I had written down his number and dialed it. I was suddenly nervous the moment my phone started vibrating. His phone was ringing but he wasn’t picking up.

“The number you dialed is not answering, please again later.”

“Well, that’s just great. I finally found the guy of my dreams and lost him in two days.”

I wasn’t going to try to call him again because I thought he wanted to speak to me. But he didn’t have my number so how could he possibly know I was the one? I didn’t want to think about it so I left my phone on the kitchen counter and turned to the groceries.

The tomatoes were already soggy from the fall and needed washing. The rest of them had tomato water on them and needed to be cleaned as well. Everything was a mess. As I got to cleaning, my phone started to ring. It was an unknown caller and it was certainly not the one Kyle gave me.

“Hello,” I answered, unsure of who it might be.

“I almost thought you were playing hard to get, Jane. What took you so long?”

Shit. It was Kyle.

“Kyle, I’m so sorry. I’ve been so busy with work lately that I haven’t even had time for myself. I swear, I wasn’t playing hard to get.”

“It’s fine. So how does dinner tomorrow night sound? My treat.”

“Dinner..dinner sounds wonderful. Where exactly?”

“It’s a surprise. I’ll pick you up from the cafe tomorrow night.”

I chuckled. “Um, okay. It’s a date then.”

“Yes, it is. See you then,” he hung up.

Oh my God. Did Kyle just ask me out on a date?


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