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Completed Stories / Heartbreak Kid

Heartbreak Kid– Chapter 1

Heartbreak Kid– Chapter 1

Copyright of Amara Ibeachum 

No part of this work should be copied without the permission of the author.

 Chapter 1


The sun beamed through the glass, illuminating the rich brown coffee which clouded my nose with its rich scent.  I closed my eyes and took a whiff of the powerful scent.

I heard the bell chime and someone walked right into the cafe. The slight autumn breeze brushed me and made me shudder. Winter was close and I could feel it.

I held my cup of coffee up to my nose and took a subtle sniff once more before taking a sip. I closed my eyes as I tried savoring the coffee’s richness.

“Mmhmm. There’s nothing like coffee in the morning at your favorite cafe sitting in your favorite spot,” I said, savoring each sip.

I heard the bell again. I narrowed my eyes toward the door to see who had just walked in and that was when I saw him or at least some who looked like him. He wore a furry coat that stretched down his ankle, slightly grazing the top of his boots. It was beginning to feel like a new habit.

These days, every guy I came in contact with reminded me of him.  But there was something different about this moment. This time, his eyes looked familiar like I had known them my entire life.

I watched him stand at the counter as he ordered a cup of cappuccino. It was hard to recognize him now as he stood at the counter. It almost seemed like he knew someone was watching and tried to avoid their gaze. I soon gave up and continued my coffee. It wasn’t him anyway so why even bother?

“Thank you so much,” I heard him say.

The sound of his boots began to fade away and that was when our eyes met. Those eyes..the white pupils..the way he stared at me like a helpless puppy..those were the eyes my heart had been searching for.

I felt my heart skip as I quickly looked away. I panicked. I looked back at the door but he was gone.

“Huh. How did he do it?” I asked myself.

But there was no way I would give up on my pitiful investigation now, especially now that I had seen his eyes.

I gulped down the remainder of my coffee. It had cooled off now and at the perfect time too. I dropped my tip and hurried to the door. A few people stared at me but I couldn’t care less. I barged out of the cafe only to see no one. I had once again lost him. In my shame, I turned to go back inside the cafe when I heard someone call me.

“Jane?” his voice sent shivers down my spine.

I quickly turned to my right and there I saw him; Kyle. He clutched his Cappuccino with both hands. His smile was as wide as ever; just the way I remembered.

I tried to find the right words to describe my shock. How could I tell him that I’d been waiting for him all these years?

“Oh my god, Kyle!” I immediately reached for a hug.

He took his paper cup in one hand and braced me with the other. The smell of his Cologne tickled my nostrils. I wished that I could remain in that moment forever.

“You were the last person I expected to see, Jane. How have you been these past few years?” Kyle asked

I was the last person he expected to see. What did he mean by that?

“Um, I’ve been great. I work at a publishing firm as a secretary and I don’t know, I guess I pretty much love my job..?”

Why did I just say that? He didn’t even ask that.

Kyle started to chuckle. “You never change, do you, Jane.”

Confused, I asked, “I never change, how?”

“You still do that thing where you overthink every single moment. You don’t know but your face cringles up and you have this look in your eyes when you do it.”

Did he he didn’t…I OVERTHINK?..does everyone else know about this and never told me?

“Look,” Kyle said as he reached for my hand. “Why don’t you give me your number and I’ll call you later. Maybe we could meet up later and talk about things properly. Please, I’m in a bit of a hurry.”

The feeling of Kyle’s soft hands was all I could think of and I barely heard what he said.

“Why don’t you give me yours? My phone’s having a bit of an issue. I’ll head to the phone repair shop, pick it up right away, then give you a call once I get home.”

“Alright. Do you have a pen?”

Lucky for me, I always carried a pen with me just in case a cute guy wanted to write his number down on my palm. I’m only kidding.

Heartbreak Kid– Chapter 1


“Oh, no. I don’t have one. Give me a sec,” I sprinted back into the cafe and borrowed a pen from one of the employees.

“Here you go,” I gave Kyle the pen and spread my palms open.

“That’s my number. Don’t forget to give me a call,” he smirked.

I shuddered at the intensity of his eyes. I wished to remain in that moment even more. As I watched him walk away, I longed for him even more.


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