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He returned my bride price and moved her into our bed

He returned my bride price and moved her into our bed

             Make it make sense!


​My husband told me he was visiting my folks to pick up our son. – We sent him over to my parents for a vacation.

​Unknowingly, he went there with only one intention- To return my bride price.

He succeeded in leaving the items at my parents’ door and came back home without our son.

My parents called to ask why he returned the items but he’s been avoiding their calls and I, on the other hand, couldn’t give them an answer because I was busy dealing with my emotions.

Guess what? He didn’t come back alone.

He came with another woman. She literally moved in that night and I’ve never been the same.

It’s been a few weeks and I’ve not asked him who she is and he hasn’t said anything either. I’ve since moved into our out-room so I could avoid them.

My son is still with my parents who are growing impatient with my numerous excuses as to why my son is still with them and the BRIDE PRICE left at their doorstep.

How do I explain to my son, who the other woman in his dad’s bed is?

And the returned bride price – what do I tell my parents?

They’ve asked like 100 times already and it’s left with them to travel all the way from the village into the city.

His parents are not in the picture because they passed on and his brother is only going to cash out of this situation.

I ask myself every day where I went wrong as a wife and a human being.


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We were on good terms that whole week – He even jokingly told me that morning before he left- Get your grooves on for tonight and he winked. Usually, it’s a message from him that the night was going to be good for us but he had other plans.

It has taken me three weeks to find the courage to put my story out there and come to terms with what has happened.

To make matters worse, I found out the very next day, I was pregnant.

So, do I try to save my 7 years of marriage or leave with the bundle of joy in my belly?

What do I do?


Amerley, Begoro

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  1. Some of these men are something else. Is he possessed or what?


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