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He returned my bride price and I moved on – Update

He returned my bride price and I moved on – Update

                      Make it make sense!




I wrote to you a few months ago about my husband returning my bride price and moving a woman into our home.

Well, this is just an update on how things turned out.

I’ve moved out with my son and the unborn baby; I decided I was going to keep it.

Both families met in recent months to talk. Uncles from his side tried to get him to give reasons for what he did, but my ex could not. Yes Ex! – Divorce is in motion.

He said, “I did nothing wrong” and that a man should be allowed to marry more than he should. And if I don’t like it, I should leave. He even brought his new woman to our meeting. It was very disrespectful, and guess what he just had to rub in—that she was pregnant for him and the main reason she moved in.

Imagine, I was thinking this relationship was just a recent affair, but to my surprise, they’ve been hooking up for an entire year, and our son even knew this other woman as “aunty.”

This wasn’t what we discussed before we settled down. In fact, he knew I’m not a fan of double partners because we discussed it and he was aware it was a deal breaker for me.

I have a career, am responsible, and make enough money to avoid being stuck.

When we were getting married, my parents said they wanted to continue the tradition of not selling their daughters out, so they took the drinks his family brought and left the rest of the items for us. They made him know I wasn't for sale, and now I guess that must have been the problem. Did he get off too easily? Was my parents' decision to not take the rest of the items and the money involved in paying for the bride price a wrong decision?

Was he planning his exit all along when he kept the rest of the items? We both agreed to donate them when it was clear my parents needed just the drinks during our engagement.

It still doesn’t make any sense to me, but I’m determined to move on for my babies. I’m not giving up on love, though.

My parents are my support system and at the same time my favorite critics, though they were disappointed with the recent happenings, they returned his drinks and items he left at their doorstep.

And oh, no one knows I’m pregnant again, not even him. I’d keep it this way. Breaking our vows the way he did got me on a rollercoaster.

Is it right to keep the pregnancy hidden from him? Now, I just have more questions.


Amerley, Begoro

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  1. Oh wow! Men will humiliate you at the least opportunity they get. Move on shaa.


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