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GWCL boss says flooding in Weija is a warning to encroachers

GWCL boss says flooding in Weija is a warning to encroachers

Dr Clifford Braimah, Chief Executive Officer of Ghana Water Company Limited, wants the flooding in Weija to serve as a warning to those encroaching on buffer zones and those building in waterways.

Dr Braimah explained on the Citi Breakfast Show that the devastation was caused despite the controlled spillage of the Weija dam.

The dam has five gates, the tallest of which is 21 feet, but four have been opened no higher than six feet.

Residents, according to Dr Braimah, must respect the buffer zones.

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“I am confident that this will serve as a serious warning to anyone selling around here, anyone buying around here, and anyone building around here.”

“Flooding communities should take it more seriously because the water will find its way into communities that are not supposed to be affected,” he said.

Floodwaters in Weija have forced hundreds of residents to flee their homes, destroying homes and streets.

The National Disaster Management Organization has been on the ground and has rescued over 300 people who have become stranded.

In response, the local government has built three estuaries on the Bojo beach to help flood water flow faster into the sea.

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