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GPRTU hints of new transport fares soon – Abbas Moro

GPRTU hints of new transport fares soon – Abbas Moro

Following the ongoing increase in fuel costs, the leadership of the Ghana Private Roads Transport Union (GPRTU) has suggested it will soon inform the general public of increased transportation fares.

The organisation claims that owners of commercial vehicles are suffering financially as a result of the ongoing increase in the price of petroleum products.

At most gas stations, the cost of gasoline per litre has surpassed GH11, and the cost of diesel per litre has beyond GH14.

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Abbas Moro, the GPRTU’s head of communications, emphasised in an interview with Citi News that the union’s members are advocating for higher transportation costs.

“We have educated the general public that whenever gasoline prices climb by 10% or more over the current amount, we must automatically raise rates. The current economic climate is just one of many things to be on the lookout for.

Therefore, in order to get where we are going, we cannot keep making sacrifices; instead, when our leadership comes together, something positive must emerge.

In May, transportation costs increased by 20 per cent.

The nationwide average price for gasoline and diesel as of May 9, 2022, when the new rates went into effect, was GH9.41 for gasoline and GH11.12 for diesel.

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