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Gov’t negotiates with Australian firm over threat to sue

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Following Cassius Mining Limited’s plans to sue Ghana for $395 million in a London court, the government is currently in negotiations with the mining company.

According to Cassius, Ghana did not prevent the encroachment of its concession by Shaanxi, another mining firm.
Both Cassius and Shaanxi Mining Company are permitted to operate in the Upper East Region.

Cassius claims that several petitions to the Mineral Commission and previous ministers were ignored regarding the development.

The Chief Executive Officers of Cassius Limited and the Minerals Commission jointly signed a statement stating that both parties had agreed to “further engage on all topics under disagreement with a view to finding an acceptable settlement.”



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Government representatives were represented in the negotiations by Samuel Abdulai Jinapor, Minister of Lands and Natural Resources.

He is anticipated to discuss the issue with Shaanxi officials and other relevant parties.

Cassius, according to certain Australian news sites, claimed that Ghana was aware of Shaanxi’s illegal intrusion on its concessions.


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