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GNAT wants security to protect over 3,000 teachers in Bawku

GNAT wants security to protect over 3,000 teachers in Bawku

The Upper East Regional branch of the Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT) is requesting security for over 3,000 teachers working in and around Bawku.

According to GNAT, due to the conflict in the area, these teachers must be transported to and from several times by security personnel.

Ivy Betur Naaso, Regional Chairperson for GNAT, made the announcement on 3FM’s Sunrise on Wednesday, hosted by Alfred Ocansey.

The Chairperson was informing Sunrise whether or not teachers had resigned as a result of the conflict in Bawku.

On September 19, 2022, a teacher was killed in a shooting by a group of teenagers. The bullet struck the teacher as he was walking to school.

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As a result, the national executives of GNAT and NAGRAT decided to stop teaching in the Bawku enclave because it is unsafe.

Madam Betur Naaso explained that, in addition to the over 3,000 teachers in Bawku, non-teaching staff who provide services to students and pupils must be protected.

“We are preparing them [students] for the BECE, and they will take the same exam that students in non-violent areas will take.” “Because of the conflict, the students don’t even come to school,” she explained.

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