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GIS data is not interoperable with Nat’l Security

Dr Ishmael Norman, President and CEO of the Institute for Security, Disaster, and Emergency Studies, has stated that the Ghana Immigration Service (GIS) appears to be unsure how to handle the re-entry of Chinese galamsey Queen, Aisha Huang.

This incident, in his opinion, demonstrates that the data of the Immigration Service is incompatible with the data of the National Security and Police Services.

He has requested clarification from the Minister of National Security Albert Kan Dapaah.

Dr Norman stated on the Ghana Tonight show on TV3 on Tuesday, September 6, “This shows that the computer or data is not interoperable with National Security and Police.” They should have been able to apprehend her at the entry point.” The immigration service is a little confused about how they should handle Aisha.”

“I won’t hold it against Immigration Service, but I will hold it against National Security.” Why didn’t the National Security Agency provide the information?

“If she were a terrorist, she could have caused damage in the country over the last two weeks,” he told host Alfred Ocansey.

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On Monday, September 5, three suspects, Jong Li Huang, Huang Jei, and Huiad Hua, pleaded not guilty in court to a charge of engaging in mineral sales and purchases without a license.

Aisha Huang, who was deported after being involved in galamsey activities, is facing charges of selling and purchasing minerals without a license, as well as mining without a license.

She is said to have returned to the country under a new name. She reportedly applied for a Togo Visa and crossed into Ghana to continue her galamsey business in an Ashanti Region town.

On 3FM’s Sunrise show on Tuesday, September 6, Dr Adam Bonaa, a Security Analyst, said he was surprised that the digitalization at the various entry points into the country could not detect her re-entry.

Dr Bonaa stated, “Regardless of the millions of cedis the government has invested in the digitization agenda, all of the digitization could not trace Aisha Huang.”

Inusah Fuseini, a former Minister of Lands and Natural Resources expressed surprise at Aisah Huang’s return.
Mr Fuseini, a former Member of Parliament for Tamale Central, asked on the Sunrise show on 3FM on Tuesday, September 6, “How did she know that we were doing NIA registration for her to register?”

“Who granted her permission, and how did she obtain it prior to entering Ghana?” How long did she stay in this country? “I smell a conspiracy; she was in Kumasi doing business the entire time.”

Meanwhile, the Immigration Service has stated that Aisha Huang faces a two-year prison sentence for illegal re-entry into Ghana.

On Tuesday, September 6, Public Relations Officer of the Service Michael Amoako-Atta told Media General Joseph Armstrong that if she is found to have violated immigration regulations, she will be detained for that long.

“If she is convicted under immigration laws, she could be imprisoned for about two years,” DSI Amoako-Atta said.


Source: 3news


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