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Ghanaians lament as fuel prices go up again

Ghanaians lament as fuel prices go up again
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Fuel prices have begun to rise again at the pump, and consumers are complaining about the impact on their finances.

Petrol is now being sold at 11.55 pesewas per litre owing to price increases by several oil marketing companies including Total.
The current price for diesel is 14.50p per litre.

According to checks by Citi News, other gas outlets will soon be raising their rates.
In order to cope with the increases in fuel prices, some Ghanaians have begun making lifestyle changes.

“My wife no longer drives because she works somewhere in Accra. We must manage because we reside in Haatso. Next week is almost time for school,” a motorist said.

Drivers for ride-hailing apps have also stated that their fares present unique challenges.
“Because our prices are low in comparison to taxis, we are suffering.” And you will suffer greatly when your car is both work and salary.

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Ghanaians believe the government should take action to relieve their burden.

“The government must address the issue.” “They need to lower fuel prices so that we can work and make good sales,” one driver said.



Source: CitiNews


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