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Ghanaian Media Guru Dies Of Cancer

Ghanaian Media Guru Dies Of Cancer

Mr Djokotoe, who died late Wednesday night at Fairview Hospital in Lusaka, is being mourned by the local media.

The media guru of Ghanaian descent had been battling colorectal cancer.

Mr Djokotoe, 62, was a well-known writer, educator, and poet.
According to the report, Dzokotoe had been battling colorectal cancer for quite some time.

President Hakainde Hichilema of Zambia paid tribute to the late legend, describing him as a noble man with admirable qualities.
On his official Facebook page, the President of Zambia wrote, “We are deeply saddened to learn of the untimely death of veteran journalist Edem KG Djokotoe who passed away in Lusaka yesterday. Edem was not only a man of nobility and learning in his field but was also an unrepentant advocate of social justice and a defender of human rights who abhorred injustices against the people.”


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“He belonged to a generation of scribes who sought the truth on both sides of the story and wrote the truth on both sides of the coin. There’s a lot to learn from the integrity of Edem Djokotoe. Our prayers and thoughts are with his family.”

Edem Djokotoe was known for his quality journalism until his death. Starting with his flagship column, “Mind Over Matter” and “Soul to Soul” in The Post Newspaper. He also, wrote many media materials, including a handbook titled “An issue-based journalism.”

Mr Djokotoe also worked as an information officer at the UN Information Center and as a correspondent for Gemini News Service and feature writer for a magazine.


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