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Ghana to Paris: How Modern Natured created its Fashion Collection in 8 days

Ghana to Paris: How Modern Natured created its Fashion Collection in 8 days
Emma Okyere, the founder of Modern Natured, created her debut fashion collection, The Genesis Collection, in Ghana in just eight days. Fashion collections are typically created once a year. Everyone’s journey, however, is unique.

Modern Natured had just over a week to finalize its Spring/Summer 2023 Couture, The Genesis Collection, for its debut at Paris Fashion Week 2022 at La Galerie Bourbon last month.

Read further to find out how the founder created and finalized her fashion collection within eight days with the help of Ghanaian creatives!

Modern Natured

Emma Okyere, a Ghanaian fashion designer based in the United States, founded the company. The company began as a beauty retailer and quickly evolved into a Luxury Fashion brand. What caused this to happen?

Modern Natured’s debut at Miami Swim Week received rave reviews. Emma worked as an accessory designer at Miami Swim Week 2022. She worked with several swimwear designers to improve their looks by accessorizing their models with Modern Natured’s Ghanaian waist beads (toma).

Modern Natured was given the unique opportunity to showcase its collection during Paris Fashion Week 2022 less than a month later. Emma seized the opportunity and ran with it.

She only had a month to sketch, create, and finish her Fashion Collection. Emma flew to Ghana and immediately got to work. She hired and trained local bead makers to assist her in bringing her sketches to life.

She collaborated with InkIt Ghana Limited to embroider and deboss the logo. In Krobo, she also worked with tailors, Kente weavers, leather suppliers, and Cedi Beads.

Emma has always been fascinated by the level of creativity and extraordinary talents that her Ghanaian counterparts possess. She extols how the economy has been practicing sustainability for years through various initiatives, one of which is the creation of beautiful glass beaded jewels from recycled glass.

Emma’s goal for The Genesis Collection was to combine traditional African beading techniques with futuristic engineered beaded patterns and designs. Waist beads were a critical component in the development of The Genesis Collection.

With such a hectic schedule but God on her side, most of the designs were completed in eight days, but Emma still had a few pieces to finish at home (United States). This structure may appear unconventional, but Emma is a strong-willed, hardworking individual who marches to the beat of her own drum.

Modern Natured debuted its Genesis Collection during Paris Fashion Week last month at La Galerie Bourbon (near the Arc de Triomphe and The Champs Élysées).

The Genesis Collection includes nine different looks of their innovative beaded couture, woven kente cropped hoodies, stunning glass neck pieces, and leather fringes on a wooden collar. Modern Natured’s Beaded Couture is handcrafted using Ghanaian jewels and recycled glass beads to create beautiful clothing and jewelry.

To complete the looks, Modern Natured worked with Material Maya, Desert Jewelry, Hautelifeworld Eyewear, and Dante Shoes.

See the source imageThe models walked the catwalk flawlessly and looked stunning. Moreover, the fashion show was covered by a number of critically acclaimed fashion media outlets, including Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, Vanity Fair, and many others.

Modern Natured’s journey to fashion is a fascinating one. The brand continues to collaborate with Ghanaian designers. Emma considers the world to be her runway and hopes to inspire others to do the same.



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