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Ghana: Tallest man drops out of school over his feet size

Ghana: Tallest man drops out of school over his feet size
A young resident of Ho, the Volta Region’s capital, who is 7.10 feet tall, has complained that his height has become an inconvenience in his life to the point where he had to drop out of school because he couldn’t find sandals or shoes for his large feet.

After dropping out of Primary 5 in Ziope in the Agortime Ziope District, the young man identified as Charles Sogli, popularly known as ‘Charles taller,’ is now a welding apprentice in Ho.

“I dropped out of school at Primary 5 in Ziope, Agortime Ziope District, Volta Region, because I couldn’t find sandals or shoes for my large feet,” he lamented in an interview with Joy News.

The third-born of five children has long feet that are about 18 inches long in addition to his 7.10ft height and is the tallest in his family.

Aside from not being able to find footwear that fits his feet, commercial vehicle drivers refuse to pick him up, forcing him to walk everywhere.

“Drivers don’t pick me up anytime I stop them because they say I am too tall and cannot fit well into their cars. So, unless someone is truly moved to give me a lift, I always walk to work and back home.”
Charles is pleading for assistance in order to make his life more comfortable.

“I would appreciate it if people could assist me with sandals and shoes that are custom-made for me. I also require dresses and transportation. “I’m also pleading with drivers to pick me up whenever I stop them,” Charles said.

Michael, his welding shop master, and his colleague described him as hardworking and joined him in requesting assistance to alleviate his inconvenience.


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