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Ghana card has become a tool to infringe on people’s rights

Ghana card has become a tool to infringe on people’s rights

Bright Simons, Vice President of IMANI Africa, has accused the government of abusing the National Identification Card (Ghana card) to violate citizens’ rights.

According to him, the card’s implementation was prudent, with the goal of making citizens’ lives easier.

Mr Simons, on the other hand, stated that the government’s decision to make it the sole document for all other registration exercises is unjust.

“We [IMANI Africa] have always supported the card because many people cannot afford passports or other ID cards that prove they are Ghanaians.”

“A free nationwide multifunctional card is a wonderful thing, but it should come to enhance and enrich people’s lives, not to become another instrument with which to burden them.”

In recent years, the Ghana Card has become the only document that can be used to prove your nationality in a variety of fields.

Aside from the Bank of Ghana’s ruling that the card is the legal means of transacting business in all financial institutions in the country, the Communications Ministry has asked everyone to register their SIM cards with Ghana Cards.

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This exercise has caused havoc in various parts of the country, forcing the government to postpone the deadline twice.

The Electoral Commission recently hinted that the National Identification Card would be the only document required to obtain a voter ID.

The decision has been opposed by the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), but the EC is determined to implement it.

However, the Vice President stated that the EC’s decision is illogical.

Mr Simons asked on JoyNews’ Newsfile why the current leadership of the EC refuses to follow any suggestions made by relevant stakeholders.

“Electoral Commissions come and go, but this is the first time we have an EC that fundamentally refuses to engage with stakeholders on any matter of national importance.”

“Every time they come up with an idea and legitimate concerns are raised, they brush it aside and try to bulldoze through,” he said.


Source: JoyNews

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