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GES is ready to contribute to review of the Free SHS policy

GES is ready to contribute to review of the Free SHS policy

Prof. Kwasi Opoku Amankwah, Director-General of the Ghana Education Service (GES), has stated that his organization is willing to contribute to a review of the Free Senior High School policy.

“Once education is no longer just for the GES and Ministry of Education, it will be incorporated into the larger discussion for all of us to contribute,” he said.

Prof Amankwah stated that the GES will begin with the smaller parts of the policy and that discussions on the unit cost analysis of education have taken place.

“We will conduct unit cost analysis, particularly for the Free SHS,” he stated on Joy News’ Upfront.

Prof Amankwah added, “Once we’ve done that, and we’ve all put our inputs into it, then we can all come back and say the total cost for educating someone in the free SHS” is this or that.

He stated that this is required so that “at the end of the day, we can all agree that this is the amount that we believe the government should bear.”

The Free SHS policy is under scrutiny due to feeding issues and, to a lesser extent, infrastructural challenges.

Because of these issues, some schools have considered closing because they are unable to feed their students.

Due to funding and supply constraints, high schools have struggled with food shortages.

Despite the fact that major policy changes are expected under the Free SHS policy, the IMF’s Resident Representative in Ghana, Dr Albert Touna-Mama, has stated that the policy will not be cancelled.

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However, Dr. Touna-Mama acknowledged concerns about the policy’s efficiency and stated that discussions about how to make it more sustainable are needed.


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