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Farmers of poultry call for more soy and maize production

Farmers of poultry call for more soy and maize production

To help poultry farmers overcome their challenges, the Poultry Farmers Association is urging the government to start growing more maize and soy under the Planting for Food and Jobs programme.

Members of the Association claim that the price of ingredients for poultry feed has increased dramatically, which has an impact on the cost of chicken and eggs that are sold on the market.

A 200 kg bag of maize costs more than GH200 today compared to less than GH100 six months ago.

According to Kwame Ntim, vice president of the Greater Accra Poultry Farmers Association, many farmers have closed their operations, and many more are on the verge of failure because of the high cost of doing business.

Because production costs are increasing daily and selling above production costs is the only way to break even and make margins, people have been forced to shut down their poultry farms.

Further noting that “others are on the verge of collapse because the business to them is no longer sustainable,” Mr Ntim.

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The association has previously requested intervention because they are concerned that frozen poultry imports may replace their market.

According to data from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), Ghana imported 360,000 metric tonnes of poultry in 2021, up from 295,165 metric tonnes in 2020.

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