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Fake soldier arrested at Burma Camp

Fake soldier arrested at Burma Camp

A polygamous man whose wives thought he was a true military man was apprehended by soldiers at the Burma Camp while posing as a Lieutenant Colonel and attempting to book a flight to Tamale from the Air Force Base.

According to a press release issued by the Ghana Armed Forces’ Public Relations Directorate on Wednesday, December 7, 2022, the suspect’s name is Rufai Abubakar.

“The suspect, who arrived at the camp in a commercial vehicle, was closely watched as he alighted at a bus stop and proceeded to the Air Force Base.”

The guards on duty noticed his suspicious behavior, questioned him, and after some incoherent answers, he admitted he was not a member of the military.

He also revealed that he posed as a Senior Military Officer in order to defraud one Mr. Abdallah Abdul Fatahu, from whom he had collected Three Thousand Ghana Cedis (GH03,000.00) under the guise of recruiting him into the Ghana Armed Forces.

“The suspect, who was dressed in a military camouflage uniform with fake Lieutenant Colonel ranks, claimed he was stationed at Northern Command Headquarters and was on his way to the Air Force Base to book a flight to Tamale,” according to the press release.

It went on to say that at the time of his arrest, the suspect was carrying fake military identification, business cards, and other documents bearing his name.

He then led the Military Police officers to two homes, where they discovered documents such as several certificates and fake GAF recruitment reports with the names of defrauded individuals, military uniforms and accouterments, and a toy pistol.

He was turned over to the Ghana Police Service’s Criminal Investigations Directorate (CID) for further investigation and prosecution.

The statement went on to urge the public to contact the CID if they have ever been a victim of the suspect’s criminal activities.

“However, given that his two wives in Ablekuma and Olebu were led to believe that their husband was a genuine military officer, it is possible that many other people were duped by his impersonations and fraudulent activities.”

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It’s perplexing that the suspect’s wives have been with him for who knows how long without realizing he wasn’t a genuine military officer. However, it also demonstrates how much time and effort he must have put into the fraudulent activities on a daily basis in order to cover himself up.

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